Cumulus Clouds

August 20, 2016

“Throughout the world, one of the most favored clouds among skywatchers is the cumulus cloud. The puffy, fluffy, whimsical clouds add character to beautiful sunny days, yet they become quite dramatic when they grow into huge, stormy thunderheads. The word ‘cumulus’ is Latin for the word ‘heap’. When warm, moist… Read more

London from Hampstead, with a double rainbow by John Constable

August 20, 2016

The transcendent quality of this work is communicated after, what the British Museum calls, “careful and specific observation of the weather.” They say that a few years prior to this work, Constable had suffered the loss of his wife, Maria, and that he, “occasionally considered a rainbow to be a… Read more


The Starry Night: A Language of Color

August 20, 2016

At dusk and after nightfall, find a location where artificial light is absent and immerse yourself in the drama of the nocturnal skyscape. This iconic painting is the expression of van Gogh’s language of evocative color and passionate mark-making. The Museum of Modern Art says: “The whirling forms in the… Read more

Constable – Sky as the Chief Sentiment

August 20, 2016

In his “Letter from Hampstead, October 23, 1821,” the great landscape painter, John Constable, writes about the great communicative capacity of the skyscape: “That landscape painter who does not make his skies a very material part of his composition, neglects to avail himself of one of his greatest aids. Sir… Read more

View of Toledo by El Greco

August 20, 2016

Eerie, evocative clouds that feel like the energy and passion you find in the work of the Abstract Expressionists. Even more amazing when you consider that El Greco painted this in the 16th Century! View of Toledo by El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) Date: ca. 1598–99. Medium: Oil on canvas View… Read more


Types of Clouds in the Bible

August 20, 2016

When the Bible mentions clouds, sometimes it refers to literal clouds (like we see in the sky) and, other times, the clouds are symbolic or are the visible manifestation of the divine presence. In the Old Testament, there are four types of clouds; two in the New Testament. Old Testament… Read more

God’s Covenant with Noah

August 19, 2016

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, the eighth and ninth books of Genesis, the account of Noah describes how God made a covenant with all living creatures. At this point, Noah and his family members have already endured the journey on the ark and the flood waters have… Read more

Clouds in the Bible

August 19, 2016

According to the English Standard Version (ESV), the word “cloud” is written in the Bible 148 times; 126 in the Old Testament, 122 in the New Testament. Explore these scriptures on Bible Gateway: OLD TESTAMENT (126) Genesis (3) Exodus (20) Leviticus (2) Numbers (16) Deuteronomy (4) Judges (2) 2 Samuel… Read more